Tetra Natural LED Aquarium Hood, x 10'', 3-Watt Fish Tank Light Daylight 20'' otgdvx2823-Lighting & Bulbs

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Sometimes, entry-level jobs get a bad reputation.

Think about it -- what do you think of when you hear about an "entry-level" position? Some phrases that come to mind could include "low-paying" or "low man on the totem pole."

These common stereotypes of entry-level jobs can hinder people from going after amazing opportunities, especially since there are incredible entry-level gigs out there that offer great salaries, benefits, and opportunities for growth.

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Does it seem as if a lot of people around you work two jobs? Have you ever been tempted to start a side hustle to make extra money or build up certain skills?

Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to working two jobs.

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Tetra Natural LED Aquarium Hood, x 10'', 3-Watt Fish Tank Light Daylight 20'' otgdvx2823-Lighting & Bulbs

We've got good news for employees who would like a break from the daily commute.

Working remotely, telecommuting, working from home--whatever you call it, it might feel like it's becoming more common. That's because it is.

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At Work It Daily, we love hearing when our members land their dream jobs.

We like to call our members the "WID Warriors" because of their strength, determination, and commitment to career success.

We get hundreds of success stories from our warriors every year. This week, we're highlighting one of those warriors who recently landed the big gig.

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